Flat Roofing

Quality roof protection doesn’t start with the roofing surface – it starts underneath. In cold climates, Henry residential roofing products can guard against damage from ice dams, or provide a vapor-proof barrier. In hurricane or tornado-prone areas, Henry roofing products can prevent interior damage from wind-driven rain, or help roofing tiles stay firmly adhered to the roof deck. In hot climates, Henry products can combat the damaging effects of the sun and excessive heat.

In 1980, Roofing Products International began manufacturing high performance single-ply roofing membrane systems and accessories for the industrial, commercial, and residential roofing markets. Now, over 3 decades later, the same commitments to product quality and system performances, along with a dedicated sales and technical team, has made RPI into one of the most solid performers in the single-ply roofing industry. The incredible durability and performance characteristics of RPI Royal Edge EPDM, Re-Flex EPDM, and Re-Flex TPO membrane and system components combined with ease of application and availability of wide sheets translates into a lightweight installation, which provides excellent protection from constantly changing weather extremes.